A little about me

Why Wine not

Bringing people together one glass at a time. A unique opportunity to learn intriguing yet realistic wine and food pairing skills; all while drinking with friends.

An evening of laughter and learning. Guided by a wine enthusiast take your taste buds on a journey. 

With everything from scent jars to help expand your pallet, a plethora of tiny spoons for your bit sized snacks, and interactive games to keep the fun going it will be a night to remember!

the passion behind the glass

My name is Rebecca, I moved to the Okanagan to join the world of wine. Since 2018 I have worked at multiple wineries across the valley, learning about the unique styles and terroir. I have training designations through WSET and food and wine courses through Okanagan College. Entertaining and educating drives me, with over a decade in the hospitality industry working with everything from beer to spirits to wine.


All the vineyards I represent in the tasting experiences share my values and principles. Locally run and owned, with a passion for creating beautiful wines. The stories of the vineyards are conveyed through the flavors.

Meet Rebecca thede